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Student survey results

December 18, 2009

We surveyed 614 of our current online students regarding the use of eBooks and resource material imbedded in the online class.  25% have used eBooks, about half like them.  Their biggest concern was being able to highlight, make notes in the margins and print specific areas of the document.  Several saw eBooks as simply a way of pushing additional costs onto the student.  Example – Regular textbook costs $189, eBook costs $99.  If the student buys the eBook, most will want to print a portion or all of the document, costing the student in paper in printer ink.  And at the end, they will not be able to sell the eBook back.

Students were encouraged by the idea of imbedded resources, however, their concerns were the same as with the eBook.  How to customize the learning resource to their needs.

We are working on several technology ideas that might address this need.  I will be at the Consumer Electronics Show this Jan. to look for innovative ideas to make student learning better and more engaging.  A key focus of this show is educational electronics.  I will keep you posted. 

Remember, textbooks are flat.  The world is not flat!


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